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A Thousand Roads cover

A Thousand Roads

by John Robin

In lawless lands broken by the collapse of a god-king’s empire, an orphan named Jak Fuller seeks a home and the end to wandering, as much as he seeks respite from the many secrets of his past. When Jak finds out his blood has been bound by the rites of a Necromancer to a plot to overthrow the ruler of the Underworld, he’s given a choice: run until he has nowhere left to hide, or embrace his destiny and hope, if he succeeds, that he might someday win his freedom.

Yet the power of darkness has its own allure, and the world is cruel to dreamers. If Jak would shape his own destiny, it means becoming hard like the world that has shaped him, led him down all the wrong paths, and robbed him of his chance at living a simple life of peace. Freedom is waiting – has ever been waiting – but in order to find it, Jak must accept a great truth:

Sometimes, the darkness is the only way.

A Thousand Roads will be published by Dreamsphere Books, on October 31, 2018 as an ebook, and January 9, 2019 as a print book.

A Thousand Roads is the first book of many in what will be a grand fantasy epic told in the tradition of the epics like Lord of the Rings, or The Wheel of Time, except John’s horror influences create a fusion of various styles – what might be thought of as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ...